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Physiotherapy or you may call it massage and stretching. I base my massage on 4 types of physio, learnt from 4, of what I would call masters of the horse, I decided to use what I thought were the best bits and combine them into one session.

It comprises of an initial 'check over' where I will identify any problem areas. On the first appointment I will give the horse what I call a "service", in other words a general all over body massage and stretch working a little more on the problem areas. In some cases your horse will only need one session but in others two or three.

Like us, horses need ongoing suppleness to do there job comfortably and be happy! so I suggest to people a few sessions a year will get the most out of your horse, don't leave it until a problem arises!


Psychology, or what some people call 'whispering' or a behaviourist, I prefer psychology, you can't always whisper at a horse! apart from the fact, people who tell you your horse is broken in after riding it around a metal cage, well we all know thats not true. I also have the advantage that I can actually ride myself, having ridden all my life, competed in most of the horse sports worked on braking ranches in South America and even competed in rodeo's.

Having spent many years on many different continents learning the ways of other horsemen, has given me such a wide view of our equine friends and also, in many cases a totally different perspective on how to work with their problems.

I can sort out most problems, be it over a few sessions and surprisingly in ways that you might of never seen before!


If it is a behaviour issue or physio/massage issue,  I offer an initial session, which lasts for about 1 1/2 hours and is priced at £100 which includes follow up via telephone for 2 months, after that each subsequent session is £65.

My normal sessions (after an initial session) normally last for an hour.

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