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People often ask me can I really help their horse? whether it be massage and stretching or how can I do this with it? I say yes, horses are like us in many ways, they get sore backs or necks which need releasing, they get nervous about things or just don't understand, so need teaching or helping, the trick is to know what or where to do it! so yes I say, I can help!

  • My horse seems stiff on one side?
    Most horses are stiffer on one side, normaly the off side. They need gentle massage and exploring the route of the problem ie is it in the neck? or the back?
  • My horse doesn't like the farrier picking up it's back legs?
    Their can be many reasons for this, a bad past experiance, it hurts, naughty! each horse is different and needs to be assessed.
  • My horse sits down when I mount up.
    Their are many causes for this, sore back or withers, badly fitting saddle or maybe just the way you mount up?
  • My horse shakes it's head.
    Well the dury is well out on this, but their can be some simple fixes, like sorness in the poll or neck or even back. Teeth is often the problem, so get them checked!
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