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Like many of you I grew up pony clubbing, hunting, show jumping, eventing, just a flat-out mad horse family! I did fairly well showjumping as a child and had high aspirations of being the next Harvey Smith. Alas my first season in Young Riders went a little astray! So two fingers to that!


And then, I was then offered a job in Brazil, when my journey really started. I met one of the first so-called whisperers.His wealth of knowledge made me feel like I knew nothing about horses, and in the scale of things, I didn't really! I spent three and a half years in Brazil, absorbing everything from him. Then I carried on my journey and ended up in Argentina with another of the world's famous horsemen, more absorption! Three years there, then off to Australia, Pakistan, Africa, Jamaica, the US, a journey of Equine learning! From whispering to massage, to physic, to psychology.


In short, I have learnt many different ways of dealing with horses, from many different people, in many different continents!


What I have tried to do now, is combine all the best bits, taking my horse physio or massaging from four or five different people, and combine them into one style, taking the psychology or whispering side from four others. A unique blend of styles from uniquely different horse cultures, and wrapped them all up into what I call 'My Style'!

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